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Energy Oil hires new CEO

Enegi Oil the Oil and Gas company which specialise in marginal fields in the north sea has appointed Nigel Burton as CEO taking over from Alan Minty. Burton comes with over 25 years in the energy and utilities and some of this includes heading up PetroSaudi Oil Services Ltd and Advanced Power AG. Alan Minty

Chinese President UK Power Deal

The Prime Minister announced a historic agreement for the China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) in collaboration with EDF Energy to build and manage the Hinkley point power station in Somerset during the press conference during China’s Premier Xi Jinping. In a four day visit which will generate £30bn worth of deals, the Hinkley deal

Dave Thomson to become SFDF’s CEO

The voice of UK’s largest manufacturing sector The Food and Drink Federation has appointed Dave Thomson to head its Scottish arm. David Thomson will assume the role of CEO of the Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF) in December 2015 and has over seventeen years at senior level working for the government and in that